Art Prints Series: Ghosts of New York

by Juliet Shayne Lui

Artist's Statement


As a visitor to New York, the artist found an astounding number of people looking at famous paintings,

artworks and landmarks through the digital screen of their phones or cameras, without actually stopping 

to enjoy the actual subjects themselves.


The artist visited parts of New York at their busiest times, and set up long exposure shots by stacking up 

a number of filters, including a 10-stop Neutral Density filter. As a result, the tourists and everyday 

commuters are mostly blurred out. Nobody stands still for very long, except for one man at Grand 

Central Terminal.


In a world of instant digital photography and online profiles, the act of taking photographs has 

diminished in some senses. We can use our digital cameras and mobile phones to take photographs of 

anything we want, at any time we want, and as much of it as we want – without it costing us a cent.

The time it took to set up and frame each shot, and the trial and error involved in setting the correct

exposure time meant that each final piece you see here took up to 30 minutes to set up.


Grand Central Terminal

Monday 5:30pm
Exposure time: 30 seconds





Union Square

Monday 3:00pm
Exposure time: 3 minutes 20 seconds





Times Square

Sunday 1:00pm
Exposure time: 2 minutes 45 seconds