Luxurious. Professional. Quality. These are the hallmarks of amazing jewellery photography.


I am one of the few photographers who is also a GIA-certified diamond grader.


Working with jewellery involves special techniques.

Juliet's method for working with jewellery photography:

Clean-handling. I will only handle your cleaned jewelry with rubber gloves so that they will not get dirty or have any finger prints on them in the photographs

"Floating" effect. Professional set up for pendants, this will make the final image look like the one where the pendant is "floating". I use a similar set up for earrings and another method for rings.

Professionalism. Everything will be on time. Starting from the photoshoot to the final photographs.

Security. Sprink Photography's studio is private-access and has double doors for security. So you do not need to hire any studios or worry about security when people walk around and come/exit in other public studios. 

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