Believe in Our Memory - Music Video

Have you ever relived a memory from a photograph so deep that the pain seemed real again?

Official music video for Hong Kong band, Bamboo Star, and their original song Believe In Our Memory.

Directed and edited by Juliet Shayne Lui
Filmed by Juliet Shayne Lui and Joe Cheng

Transformer meets Femme Fatale - Stop-Motion Animation

Transformers in Film Noir. They may be robots in disguise, but Transformers need love too. This is a story about The Barbie Who Loved Him.

Photographs taken with a Canon 5D Mark III using prime lenses 50mm f/1.4 and 100mm f/2.8

Music: Electric Love by Bamboo Star
Filmed and edited by Juliet Shayne Lui

Psychics Demystified - Read My Hand

This mini-documentary is the first of a series I am making about "psychics" in different cities. Along the way, I met Mark Seltman, celebrity palmist/hand-reader in NYC. I wasn't sure what to think of Mark before I met him, but his instant charm and wizardish looks left us a bit spell-bound. Mark does not proclaim to be a psychic, and here, he shares some thoughts on his "peers". Next mini-doc will take place in Hong Kong - stay tuned.

Featuring: Mark Seltman, Palmist/Hand Reader, New York

Music composer and hand subject: Wilfred Chung, Hong Kong